Product Cloud

Ready to deploy products with prebuilt user journeys like deposits, lending, payments. wealth etc.

Components Included

Corporate Banking

Corporate banking with the modern digital avatar. Seamless workflows with collaboration and easy approval workflows.

Retail Banking

Onboarding, deposits, loans, payments, insurance, PFM. You name it and you have the journeys.

Payment Wallets

Create payment experiences using a multitude of models from wallets, to standalone apps to embedded payment workflows in existing of third party apps.

SMB Banking

Every banking product that a SMB will need: From invoicing, billing, payroll, third party payments and more.

Digital Lending

Onboarding, credit decisioning, variety of lending workflows and servicing. Every thing at your disposal.

Wealth Management

Modern digital workflows for wealth management services that you can offer to each and every one of your customers. That's the beauty of digital.


Digital Remittance experiences and functionalities that make the art and science of remitting magical.


Provide customized insurance products categorized by user personas with an unprecedented level of personalization.