About Neofy

Neofy is a global financial cloud that allows a bank or a fin-tech to launch itself from scratch in a matter of weeks with a predominantly pay as you go SaaS model.

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Vision & Mission

Accelerate access to digital based financial services globally by providing a digital financial cloud to Fin-techs and banks that dramatically reduces the time and cost equation in launching new solutions

The Team

“Digital Banking is about transforming to engange with the digital consumer.”

Puneet Gupta

Managing Director & CTO

Acclaimed CTO and deep-tech innovator with over 80 US patents to his credit. Extensive experiene across Silicon Valley, Europe & Asia in building cutting edge digital platforms.

“Inspiration and execution need to go hand in hand. And when they do, magic happens.”

Neeraj Vadwa


Experienced C-Suite Leader & Board Member with 34 years experience in IT. Successfully Managed P&L, Sales, Marketing, Operations,Delivery, M&A, Companies and Subsidiaries.