Neofy Cloud Stacks

Modular and composable components that can dramatically reduce the complexity, cost and time it takes to setup an operationally ready Neobank.

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Build from Scratch or
upgrade your exsisting setup

Built in an open component based architecture, Neofy makes it very easy for you to create new or integrate it’s components into your existing architecture and iteratively expand your technology stack as your business evolves.

All our Cloud Offerings

Modern cloud based micro services based architecture with an event based interactions foundation.

Security and Management Cloud

Management services and governance.

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Product Cloud

Ready to deploy products with prebuilt user journeys like deposits, lending, payments. wealth etc.

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Engagement Cloud

Essential ready to deploy banking journeys and key services.

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Experience Cloud

Front end digital interfaces.

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Data & Analytics Cloud

Universal data models, ML enabled analytics and central data management.

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Interaction Cloud

The digital nervous system. API management and event management architecture.

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Core Processing Cloud

Functional core processing systems.

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Infrastructure Management Cloud

Autonomous manage toll of the infrastructural core.

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