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Setting up a fintech is a complex task from the diversity of systems, regulations, network connections, security and the right customer experience. All this cost a lot of money and time. Explore how the Neofy financial cloud can help manage all this and more.

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Creating a Neobank has
never been easier

Designed for the new era of financial services simplicity, our solutions help you harness the power of automation and data science. They boost operational efficiency and make your dealings with clients more personalized and profitable.

Pre-Built Journeys

Leverage the pre-built journeys to build your Fintech apps that can compete with the world’s best fintech apps.

Reduced Capex

Bring down the Capex to less than 20% of traditional approaches. A primarily pay as you use, opex model.

Faster Time to Market

Substantially accelerate your time to market. From years to weeks!

Unlimited Iterations

Build a digital foundation that helps your rapidly iterate and expand your capabilities.

End to End Security

Get access to the cloud foundation that can meet all regulatory and cyber security standards.

Simplify Operations

Reduce your multitude of contracts to just one, vastly simplifying the operational overhead.